Hen do Party Ibiza

How to plan an unforgettable hen do party

Planning a wedding can be one of the most wonderful but stressful times!

During the picking of the perfect location, the dress and the catering, don't forget about your Hen Do or Stag Party!

The party or event you dreamed of does exist!!

Read on to get inspired.

Bachelorette Party Ibiza

Most of us have high expectations towards one of the most important days in our lives.

No, we are not talking about your wedding day, but almost. The bachelor’s party!!


In an ideal world, you would experience this day once and make it very special and memorable.

Sitting with friends, 20 years later, still referring to the funny, great and maybe slightly embarrassing happenings of this particular day.


Let us be real for a second. Many of us will have more than one bachelor’s party, but this is no reason to be sad!

In our modern culture, even more occasions to celebrate!

Group of woman celebrating bachelorette party by a pool

What to do at your bachelor's party in Ibiza?

Are you a sun and water enthusiast?


Then Ibiza is the perfect place to spend a unique day and make it yours.


The possibilities offered are countless!


Options range from high-end luxury dinner- or lunch settings at the island's most popular locations, to simple and rustic picnics with your friends surrounded by breath-taking nature.

Secret little Calas and hidden dining spots with fresh and local foods will be combined to your wishes.


A popular option is to rent a villa with your friends, to experience complete privacy- a rare trait- especially during the high season in summer.

After a long and eventful day, spend your evening partying at your pool, eating BBQ or a tasting menu cooked by your private chef?


To make the day outstanding, we recommend add-ons, such as decorations, flower arrangements, dancers, violinist, saxophone players, or professional sound and light equipment.

girls on a yacht celebrating bachelorette party in Ibiza
Hen do Party Ibiza

Three reasons why you should celebrate your Hen Do or Stag do in Ibiza!

Weather- The chances of sunshine on your special day are very high in Ibiza, with approximately 300 sunny days per year, the island offers ultimate sunshine guarantee.    


Energy- The vibe of people living in Ibiza is unique, open, relaxed, positive and spontaneous.

Additionally tourists from different nations create an special atmosphere.  


Locations- No other island offers numerous variations on locations like Ibiza.

Many number one voted parties and clubs of the world can be found in Ibiza.

Clubs, such as Hi and Ushuaia are high ranked in top magazines and desired among party people.

Two young man celebrating on a yacht in Ibiza
Stag Do Ibiza

Stag Do Ibiza trip

As a group of man, you can have multiple highlights on your agenda. 


We recommend a Yacht charter day.

Set over to beautiful Formentera, or enjoy Ibiza's sea side.


A day in nature can also be an interesting option.

Options reach from hiking, to renting Jet Skis or Jeep Safari's. 


Don't forget to book VIP tables and a Shuttle Service for the nightly Club Visits!

Let us create one of the most extraordinary and unforgettable experiences of your life together!


Make it yours without the stress of organizing anything.


You name it, we've got it! 



-written by Ariane Buechner


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