Welcome to the excursion adventures in Ibiza!

Diversify your stay on the island with various excursions!


You can decide not just to relax and enjoy yourself on the beach, but also look for unforgettable memories of ultimate activities. 

Go for a private Jeep or Safari Tour, where you can see all hidden gems from tourists such as sunset or caves during the comfortable ride!

One of our top sellers is definitely the Jet Ski Tour. 

If you cannot decide between different options - do not limit yourself and choose the Combo of a boat trip, hiking, and safari. 

If you like to share your time with new people Discover Formentera on a crazy 10 hours tour with other 85 people. 


No matter what you choose,

any of the excursion will bring you to the amazing experience, stunning views, lot's of fun and beautiful pictures! 

Jeep tours

Jet Ski Tours

Combo Tours

Formentera Tour

you name it, we've got it! 

Let's find the perfect excursion for you:

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