Ibiza 2022 - Last minute trip still possible?
concierge. · 09. August 2022
Are you thinking about a trip to Ibiza to enjoy the end-of-summer vibes? But are discouraged by the high bookings?... read on, this article is written for you!
TIME is now...
events. · 02. August 2022
Get to know our branded event ... How it started, how it goes and what does the future look like?

How to become a booked DJ in Ibiza
artists. · 26. July 2022
Would you like to know the steps that need to be done to become a booked artist in Ibiza? ...and how does all of this relate to a DJ with a double life? ...click below and read for yourself!
Bachelor's party in Ibiza!
concierge. · 19. July 2022
Summertime is wedding time! Plan your bachelor's party in Ibiza! This blog post offers you a lot of inspiration what to do, where to go and why you should plan the trip to Ibiza!

Ibizan DJs -internationally booked
artists. · 12. July 2022
In this post you will follow our managed artist to the famous Penthouse club in Zurich and receive answers why the Ibizan DJs are a desire for international booking agents
The magic of the sea!
concierge. · 05. July 2022
What makes a day at sea special? In this article we dive into the unique experience of a boat day in Ibiza!