VIP tables in Ibiza

Ibiza is well known as one of the best places to party on our beautiful planet earth.

Here you can find the most popular DJs paired with real underground artists.

Luxury VIP tables with drink specialties next to cheep supermarket beer.


How would you like it to be?

Destino club outdoor during sunset
VIP tables in Ibiza blog

How to book a VIP table in Ibiza?


If you have chosen to spend an unforgettable club night on the withe island,

why not spend it in a high-class setting?


But how do you actually book a VIP table?


This depends on whether you know the island, are a first-time visitor,

or are simply unsure about the offered rates from official club websites.

 The answer to all of your questions is simple and nearby!


Our concierge services are offering a perfectly organized night.


Our mission at AVANA is to support our customers with their most unique wishes.

Paired with the perfect location in one of the world-famous clubs, the night can only be a huge success.

Party in Ushuaia club Ibiza
VIP tables in Ibiza blog

How much does a VIP table cost in Ibiza?

Pacha: 8 VIP table areas, Zone J and M are the most exclusive ones to book in the Club.


Prices: Prices vary from 500€ -1000€ per person, depending on the party and artist performing. Some special deals for large groups can be made.


Highlight: Amazing overview of the Room, DJ cabin, and dance floor!!!



Ushuaïa:  VIP areas are divided into three parts. As the venue is small in overall size, there is no big difference. Each area guarantees an exclusive experience.


Prices: There are no fixed costs that can be named. The prices range on different levels, depending on the party.


Highlight: Spectacular outdoor feeling, planes approaching the airport right above the lasers of the stage. Perfect views from the lifted VIP areas. No squeezing in between party guests. Relax at your own VIP table, enjoy chilled drinks and dance to the beats of the music.

Beach club VIP sunbeds in Ibiza:

Ocean Beach: Wild daytime parties!  Absolutely one of the Must Do's during your stay in Ibiza.

Party in the sun, cooldowns in the pool, crazy decorations, beautiful people in swimwear...


Prices: Prices range from 300€ to 1000€ depending on the area.


Highlight: To make the invest in your VIP sunbed ticket a little easier, a minimum spend is set for each area of the VIP section.



Blue Marlin:  The beach club's motto: Exeptional service by beautiful people for beautiful people, is no coincidence.

The true, magical, Ibizan spirit can be experienced and lived during the golden sunset hours.

The club is also known for its excellent cuisine.


Prices: Charges for the sunbeds are about 100€. The variation can be noticed in the varying cost of the minimum spend. These range from 300€ up to 1000€.


Highlight: Perfectly suited for larger groups or celebrations.  The club offers wide areas of sofa beds to spend the day surrounded by loved ones.


Pro Tip: Sun Loungers can be booked for a small amount of money, to enjoy a few recharging hours in the sun.

Ocean Beach VIP sunbeds
VIP tables in Ibiza blog
Blue Marlin  VIP are with large sofas
VIP tables in Ibiza blog

We hope to have given you the needed information, to help plan a celebration or vacation of a lifetime.


Check out our concierge service portfolio. Many more options to discover!


Let us assist you to create beautiful memories for your lifetime.


AVANA: You name it, we've got it




written by: Ariane Buechner

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