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“The most precious resource we all have is time.”

Steve Jobs

The white island of Ibiza is known for its extraordinary parties during the summer months.

In today’s post, I will introduce you to one of our branded events.

How it all started…

The Time Event launched in August of 2020. The goal is to create an international event with the concept of bringing a typical Ibizan party to other cities. The event offers the Ibizan vibe, resident DJs, and customized decorations. This package can be delivered to different cities during the winter month.

In August of 2020 the event started in the legendary Bora Bora beach club in Playa den Bossa. The beach club is very well known for its atmosphere. Parties with views of the Mediterranean Sea.

This year the time event takes place in the Tantra bar, also in Playa den bossa. A popular place to go for many visitors.


The focus of the event is to create unique moments and experiences for the participants. The world around us is constantly changing and time is passing by way too quickly. The goal is to enchant the audience and put everyone under a spell of timeless freedom.

Artistic composure: Time and space in Ibiza

Is it possible to forget time for a moment?

A special highlight of the concept is to guide the audience through different periods of time. This is displayed in the decorations, which include tapes, CDs, vinyl discs, and many watches hanging off the ceilings and walls. At every moment the party guests are surrounded by the elements of time.

The location of Ibiza is a perfect setting for this branded event. The energy on the island cannot be compared to any other. Here it is easier to let loose, feel free, and forget the sorrows and stress of your daily life. SIMPLY EXIST! Second after second, moment by moment and enjoy the party.


The goal is to escape reality with the help of music and lose track of time.

Get lost in the crowd, let the beats of music catch you, and get carried away by the rhythms.

Simply be - Be free, be you -  be.

Are you ready to get surprised?

A highlight at every hour, right before the clock strikes a full hour, the entire club is blacked out by the lights and the sound of a ticking clock appears.


Amazed by this, people hold still and are torn from the party flow. The interruption is supposed to bring the attention back to the moment.

When the lights are turned back on, a surprise awaits, such as dancers, confetti, a special DJ Drop, or hydro techniques.


Moments are being created that unite people. This experience is exceptional and like no other. After all, many tourists are coming to Ibiza to experience parties that cannot be compared to other parties in the world. Combined with the open vibe and unique personalities that can be met in Ibiza, this event fits in perfectly.

Insights into last week’s events

The last party took place on the 18th of July. This was also the birthday of resident DJ and host of the event Cristiano da Silva. Other DJs joined Cris at the DJ table for this birthday special. The mood was wild and exuberant. The guests had great joy dancing and connected immediately.

The happy, playful vibe and energy of the DJs were reflected in the audience. The location's compact size is great for create a familiar and intimate atmosphere. Longtime friend Carrillo aka Plastik Funk joined the Avana Family with Cristiano da Silva on this special occasion. They delivered a stunning, high-energy B2B set!

The crowd went crazy and danced the night away to mixed beats of them.

Carrillo, aka Plastik Funk, is one of the best DJs in the world. In last year’s DJmag top 100 voting, he ranked number 80!! (Voting for 2022 closes on September 15th! click here to vote for our very special guest)

Besides playing in the party capital-Ibiza, he is performing in top locations such as Ultra Music Festival and the World Club Dome.

Past, present, FUTURE…

The future vision is to create an even larger event, with an exclusive sponsoring of a watch brand. This match is perfectly arranged, because the brand could be integrated into a great symbiosis of product and the event. Decorations would include details of the brand. This way the guests could experience an even more special impression of time.

The time event is one of a kind, because the combination of details is rare and like no other existing party.

Guests were always happy after leaving the event and would love to return another TIME.


by Ariane Buechner

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