What is Ibiza like for New Year’s?

Grapes in a Glas infront of a clock that points midnight
What is Ibiza like for New Year's?

For some of you, this time is used to reflect on the old and welcome the new.

For others, these days are filled with free time, spend with family, and friends.

But even for the ones, working, NYE has a different more special feeling of them all. Somehow, no one can deny the mystical and spiritual energy around the last days of the year.


Whether it is to reflect on the past year, set new intentions for the new year, or simply enjoy having a few days off work.


How do you spend the last week of the year?


Some like to spend it in a relaxed setting at home with friends and family, chatting over a delicious dinner, socializing with loved ones.

Others prefer to be completely alone to gather new strength and energy for the following steps into a new, unknown year.

The majority of people will most likely use the evening to party and go out to experience a sense of adventure, to celebrate parties in a wilder way than usual.


Fun Fact: Did you know, the Spanish have a tradition of swallowing large grapes on New Year's Eve? On the last 12 strikes of the clock before midnight, the grapes are beeing swallowed with a wish.

Why spend NYE in Ibiza?

New Year’s Eve, is known as the night of the year to party!


Ibiza being the Party Island itself should not fall off the radar.

Do not underestimate the winter month, especially the festive days in Ibiza.


For those of you that want to get into the feeling of clubbing before and after the party night of the year, Ibiza will not disappoint you, as it offers multiple classic parties of different genres, spread over the days around NYE.

Where to celebrate New Years Eve in Ibiza 2022 - 2023?

30.11.22 - Preparties of NYE




Pyramid Winter Edition at Amnesia

Open Doors: 19.00h

Tickets: 45€





Ibiza Talents at Lio

Open Doors: 23.00h

Tickets: 30€ 





Namaste Ibiza 

Open Doors: 23.00h



31.12.22 - NYE Ibiza Parties




Music on, presented by Marco Carola w/ Andrea Olivia.

Pacha is opening its doors for an NYE special after 9 years.

The party will be starting shortly before midnight, with a legendary back-to-back of Marco Carola and Andrea Oliva. The great artists will accompany the crowd into a wild beginning of a new year.


Tickets sold out online.

More available at the door (be there early). 





NYE special @ Lío known for its unique evenings, consisting of a mixture of cabaret, clubbing, and dining, will also be one of the big players in the NYE game.

On this special night, the entire venue will turn into a giant club. The party is hosted by Toy Room.

If you and your friends are in the mood for a high-class experience with a smart casual dress code, this is the place to go.


Open Doors: 23.00h


Tickets: 70€ (+ consumicion)





Las Dalia’s very own club Akasha, will host a night with DJ Hosh.

This party is a perfect fit for those who enjoy melodic tunes and uplifting dance music. 

Good news for all those Ibizan winter lovers out there:

Akasha has opened doors during the winter season. During the weekends it offers a place to free your soul and be guided by a hippie ambiance, that could not represent the Ibizan vibes in a better way.


Open Doors: 00.30h,

Tickets: 25 Euros



01.01.2023 - NYD Parties




Elrow New Years Day Nomads will start off the new year.

The party, known for its extravagant and detailed decorations, is a perfect match with the planned lineup for the special night. 

No. 1 DJs are on the list, making sure you will have a night to remember. Adam Beyer will be back on the island after playing an unforgettable summer season in 2022. Marco Faraone and Eats Everything will be joining him with a legendary back-to-back.


Open Doors: 17.00h

Tickets: 55€





Circoloco Ibiza NYD at DC10.

Open Doors: 18:00h

Tickets: 56€



02.01.2023 - After NYD Partiy




Keep on Dancing DIA DOS at Bora Bora Beach Club & Secret Room. 

Open Doors: 16.00h



2022 was a year to remember.


A year for the books and a surprise, considering the year started off still in Covid mode.

Many event-, and tourism industry workers were unsure about the outcome of the season 2022.

They  took uncalculated risks and hoped that somehow things would start to loosen up again.


Almost no one would have imagined that we would encounter such a vibrating and wild summer season,

with more tourists and wilder parties than ever before.


Finally, the world was able to breathe life into every niche again, after shutting down in a frozen state for so long.


On the contrary, these turbulent happenings in a very short period of time made an impact on the history of humanity.

Once more the inhabitants of our precious planet stood together to help and made it even clearer how insecure our lives are.


Maybe this reason pushed the clubbing summer of 2022 to its limits.

The joy of being free and alive strengthened among the Ibizan community. The celebration of life itself made the clubs fill with emotions, which led to memories, that create goosebumps by thinking back to the energy-filled summer nights.



If this is not reason enough to close off the year with one more legendary party, I don’t know what to tell you.


Why spend the winter in Ibiza?

Why is it that so many people like to spend the winter days on the white island?


Of course, the Mediterranean island is mostly known for its summer season among tourists around the world.

But if you haven’t done so, take a closer look at the wintertime on the special island.


It’s the perfect time to discover the summer getaway from another point of view.

The winter season invites you to spend mild evenings and sunny days.

With 12-20 degrees Celsius, the temperatures are perfect to enjoy a day outside, hiking, or relaxing in one of the many cafes and restaurants.

Breathe in the fresh winter air or take a chilly swim in the morning to kick start the day.


How about fleeing the grey and rainy weather, that most of Europe is experiencing at the moment?

Make use of the 300 sunny days Ibiza has to offer per year and absorb the much-needed Vitamin D.


Es Vedra , Ibiza during winter with spectacualr sundown
What is Ibiza like for New Year's?


Contact us for last-minute bookings!


We are happy to assist you to find the perfect accommodation and events for your stay.

If you are not sure about the winter season on the island, we can guide you and plan the perfect winter getaway of your dreams.

Knowledge and contacts, make sure you have the best time at restaurants, beach clubs, VIP tables, and the best places to stay.





you name it, we've got it!



See you on the island!

Let’s make it an NYE for the books.



written by Ariane Buechner

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