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In this article you will dive into the Ibiza clubbing scene and uncover some of the many mysterious characteristics of the life as an Ibizan DJ.


The life as a resident DJ in Ibiza during high season in summer, is neither boring nor ordinary. It may not be the life that everyone wants to pursue, but for sure it is a lifestyle that everyone of us is curious about.


Is the reality a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare?


Some characteristics of this lifestyle are to be able to enjoy many different cities, get to be invited to VIP backstage parties and to experience the immense energy that fills a club in Ibiza. After a long set, the DJs are lying in their beds, filled with excitement and adrenalin. The energy still rushing through their veins, unable to sleep.

What to do in this case?

Of course, sit down and create more music. This passion for music is special, an international hope for all of us. The immense impact of music on our culture, cannot be thanked for and highlighted enough. But what is the explanation for the high number of festival- and club tickets that are sold daily in Ibiza?

What is it that everyone wants to experience?

Maybe it is the feeling that can be noted among tourists from all nations over the world, that are united in the clubs, where the DJs are playing their sets. Everyone wants to listen to the music of the special artists. What an honorable feeling it must be to play your own music or mashups and embrace the vibe of the crowd in front of you. The amazing moment of looking into many excited and euphoric faces of humans. Everyone is listening to the same beats and all bodies are moving in unity. There is a sense of understanding each other without words. Languages from many different countries are spoken in the background, but all agree on the collective sound of music. The bass hits the speaker and a wave of energy explodes.

 Ibiza is the Center of electronic and house music, some of the number one clubs and parties in the world are located here. For example:


All of this are reasons why our resident DJs live on Ibiza. It is the place to be for a DJ that wants to live a life full of freedom and the special Ibizan vibe of openness and relaxation during the day and high energy and power during the night. No wonder, booking agents all over the world are eager to get a spot in the calendars off Cristiano da Silva and Viktor Wonka, our managed artists.

Different venues, cities and countries want to have a little piece of the Ibizan vibe in their own club. The unique brand of Ibizan clubbing scene is often booked into many different and vibrant areas of the world.

Two DJs, two venues, two cities

This weekend Cristiano da Silva and Viktor Wonka were booked to Zurich in the Five hotel and played in The Penthouse club. They described it as a great honor, because this very club was hosting many of the greatest DJs in the world such as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

They spread the special Ibizan vibe and partied and celebrated with hundreds of people along the unique beats.


The two love the lifestyle they are living and wouldn’t change it for anything. Cristiano da Silva played in The Penthouse club and Viktor in the restaurant and bar area of the hotel. The two make a great team and push each other to the maximum quality of their sets. This passion is immediately reflected on the atmosphere among the guests.


Viktor described the experience as very energetic: Something unusually great happened. One hour before the closing time of the restaurant and opening of the club, guests of the restaurant were infected by the joy and happiness of Viktor and started ordering bottles of champagne and danced in the middle of the restaurant. The mood was intense, even at this early hour of the evening. The party started, because the guests were noticing the special energies of the DJ set.” In the club Cristiano da Silva delivered a great set in the authentic and enthusiastic Ibizan vibe.


Quoting Viktor: Cris brought Ibiza to Zürich, the Ibizan spirit was felt very clearly.”


The ambience of The Penthouse club is very special and in a high class setting. A feature of the club are the extravagant LED lights and effects and the enormous chandelier in the middle of the club. Both, Cris and Viktor are honored whenever guest enjoyed the evening. This weekend, the feeling of a peaceful world was delivered, all worries of the daily life were forgotten, even if just for a few hours.


During the winter month the DJs are booked to locations such as Dubai and Miami. If you are a booker around the world, reading this article, how about contacting us at AVANA-Agency? We can make your Ibizan party come true. We are offering the booking of our DJs as well as our complete branded event packages, including music, decorations and promotion.


Let’s spread the Ibizan vibes around the world together!


-written by Ariane Buechner


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