Unique stories of the DJ community Part 2

This is part 2 of our DJ story feature.


We are trying to connect the community by sharing extraordinary moments of international DJs from around the world!!


AKA AKA is a DJ duo that always tries to strengthen the connection between them.

They want to establish a great spririt that gets absorbed by the crowd.


One of the most emotional memories of them was a gig at Sonne Mond Sterne Festival, about 10 years ago.

Hannes was stuck in a traffic jam for 9 hours and almost did not make it on time.

When they entered the stage , they saw 10.000 people dancing in the mud, due to heavy rainfall and celebrating their music. 


Another highlight of the two of them was a couple that walked up to them on stage in Mannheim and told them, they met at a concert at the same venue 5 years ago and not only fell in love with the music…


DJ duo Faul& Wad

Faul & Wad

Faul & Wad Dj duo, tries to keep the summer going as long as possible.

They like to create special moments for the party community, infront of stunning sunsets.


A very unique and proud moment in their career was to hear their own song”changes” was being  played in public places, like supermarkets and the TV. This song also turned into a frequent used wedding song by many people.


A lot of the couples, wrote letters to them afterwards, thanking them for the song that delivered them a special moment. Often times they also included the wedding video with the song.


Other highlights of their career have been playing at the Tommorowworld in Atlanta, because the large crowds amaze and motivtate them.

Marty McFly

Marty McFly likes to take the crownd on a journey, while he enjoyes and loves playing music.

He tries to put as much personality into his sets as possible.

His goal is to deliver only good vibes to the crowd and keep true to his style of music.

The proudest moment of his career was playing at the Ibiza global radio wakeup show in 2021.

Before he had retired from djing completely due to anxiety.

This event took him out of his comfort zone and got him back on track.


To him, moving to Ibiza the hotspot of Djs and realizing his dreams, playing for his favorite radio show on the island is a dream come true.


He encourages everyone to follow and pusue their dreams and not to think that it is not possible.

DJ Marty McFly

DJ Ziggy


Ziggy likes to present the crowd with songs to sing along with and always adds a twist of his own.

This year, he played at Dreamfields festival. A memorable moment, because this festival was an  item on his bucket list for a log time.

Especially after the pandemic, that brought many emotional rollercoasters, this  moment as the sun went down and his friends joined the crowd and partied tohegther with him, will always be remebered.


Ziggy is grateful that as a DJ, he is able to travel to many different places. One that got stuck in his mind was a trip to Almaty in Kazachstan.

Art Dealer-Antonio Guida

Antonio has a special sense for people around him.

He appreciates everyone that is part of the event inside the club and everyone of the organisation part as well.

He is a very honest person and likes to keep a good relationship with everyone in his life.

In his opinion, honest feedback of other musicians is worth a lot, because otherwise it is not possible to get better and grow.


Ibiza to him is a special place and the season of 2022 helped him grow personally.

In his words :”The vibes that this island has must be understood, perceived and absorbed, it is not for everyone, you cannot understand Ibiza in a week, but it gives you that right appeal that attracts you more and more!”

DJ Art Dealer

We as AVANA have made it our mission to strengthen the DJ community all over the world.


We would like to assist great DJs to connect and as a result spread the love for music.


Especially after the pandemic, that destoyed many bonds and sadly bankrupted many clubs.


As all of us share the same passion for music, our vision is to create a network of DJs that can also be connected in the Mekka of DJs: Ibiza.


In the following weeks we will highlight and introduce more DJs and are happy to assist everyone on their own unique journey.


You name it, we've got it!-AVANA


PS: If you are a DJ, who would like to tell his story, send us the form below and we are happy to feature you in one of our next blog posts.


-written by Ariane Buechner


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