Interview with DJ PAT in Ibiza

DJ PAT has become one of the most famous DJs in South Tyrol. No festival or Club agenda is missing his name. Besides many local stages, he has also wowed party crowds on an international level.

Among his highlights are gigs in Ibiza and the party hotspot Zrce Beach in Croatia. Also, Austrian and German venues have regularly seen and celebrated DJ Pat in the last few years. Known for creating a unique spirit and atmosphere, he manages to reflect the vibes of his crowd.

AVANA met DJ PAT in Ibiza, for an exclusive interview, to receive more information about his views on life as a DJ.



DJ Pat at a festival, sitting infrongt of party crowd

AVANA: Does the work as an DJ get boring or exhausting to you?



DJ PAT: The work never gets boring! On the contrary, sometimes I am scared or worried that boredom will arise, but so many crazy and unexpected things happen daily. There simply is no time to be bored.


Yes, the work is exhausting, but I try to live among the guidance: After the event, is before the event. The moment right before the show starts is filled with tension, motivation and adrenalin, no space for tired feelings.


Avana: What is special to you during the summer months?



DJ PAT: Outdoor events, and the moment when first bookings for summer season, especially festivals are dropping into the mail-inbox. This always increases the excitement. Especially this year, being the first summer without restrictions after the pandemic.


AVANA: What motivates you to keep going?



DJ PAT: Difficult to say, I am not quite sure and often ask myself the same question. The events are like an addiction. The special moments during the show that cannot be found or experienced anywhere else. Somehow, I can never get enough of this and want more and more. Additionally, the excitement before the show, the tons of emotions generated behind the DJ table, and the immense honor to live through many special moments together with the crowd. These are factors that push me to the maximum quality of my sets.



DJ Pat standing on DJ table, with cheering crowd aín a club

AVANA: Is it hard to enjoy every moment?


DJ PAT: It is important to enjoy life, perceive the moment and absorb the atmosphere of the events. These special moments make every bit of the hard work worth it. The effort that was put into the shows and organization. Every week, every month, every year.

Especially the moments of looking into the happy faces of the crowd.

Positive feedback on social media is also a great motivation. As well as negative feedback, which can be very constructive and helpful for improvement.

I believe no one is perfect and for this reason, my ambition is to never stop working on myself to be the best possible me.



AVANA: The favorite moment of your performance?


DJ PAT: The moment right before the drop hits and I know that the crowd will go crazy when it drops.



AVANA: Your advice for newcomer DJs?


DJ PAT: Always keep on going with lots of patience. No one gets successful in a profession from one day to the other, things like success take time, in every profession.

Endurance and consistency are the two most important factors and behaviors, that are necessary to achieve big goals.

If someone has lots of passion for what he does and tries to always give his best, it is almost impossible to fail.

Especially as a DJ, it is important to look at the audience.

The DJ may seem like the center point, but it should always be the goal to deliver the guests one of the greatest nights of their lives.(laughs)



AVANA: What are your plans this winter?


DJ PAT: At the end of summer season, I always look forward to the quieter winter months. The winter holds completely different events in store.

I am grateful that my life offers a lot of variety. This winter season as well: At the moment there are a lot of interesting events planned to look forward to.


Club filled with peolpe, Lazer show and large signs with DJ PAT Logo

DJ PAT on a DJ table, at a boat party in Ibiza. Crowd cheering behind him
DJ PAT playing his music at an event

AVANA: Is it different playing a set in Ibiza, compared to other places?


DJ PAT: The gigs in Ibiza have a special feeling. One of the reasons could be, that many people in the audience are in vacation mode.

Everyone is a little more relaxed and motivated to party. In Ibiza, I always experience another dimension of this feeling.

Also, the appreciation for the DJ himself is extremely high, compared to other places in Europe.


AVANA: What makes Ibiza special to you?


DJ PAT: The island offers great diversity. On the one hand, there are large clubs, with the best acts in the world and on the other hand, there are tons of beautiful beaches and places to relax.

A very special place to me is: To watch the sundown at Es Vedra.

Afterward, within only a few minutes of driving, you can arrive at one of the world’s largest clubs.-How amazing is that?


AVANA: Which one is your favorite show in Ibiza?


DJ PAT: My favorite club on the island?

Ushuaia, because every show is a highlight with enormous effort behind the staging and special effects.

Ushuaia is special to me, because the unique sunset feeling cannot be experienced anywhere else in a club setting.Ibiza is offering many highlights, especially during summer, that makes it hard to name a favorite.


AVANA: Your journey with AVANA anecdote?


DJ PAT: A few years ago, at an amazing Afterparty of a large Ushuaia show. The room was crowded with important and well-known DJs, as well as tons of beautiful girls. I went to the bathroom, only to discover when I got back, everyone was gone except our CEO and resident DJ.

What happened you may ask? The main acts of the evening decided to move further toward the next club of the evening and everyone else followed. They saw no need to stay without them.



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