IBIZA-Closing season of 2022

The Tans will fade


but the memories


will last forever



In this blog post, I will describe the current situation of the Ibizan summer that is coming to an end.

How is this season of change perceived by the people on the island?


I will take a look at the pros of booking a vacation to Ibiza during the closing season.

What are the most suitable accommodations?  And why  are the closing parties a must-do for everyone?

How does it feel to be in Ibiza during the closing season?

The summer and high season in Ibiza are slowly coming to an end.

Without a doubt, this year has been different from any summer season in the past years.


The opinions among the people are widely divided on the development of Ibiza’s culture and lifestyle.


But everyone agrees on one thing: The season of 2022 has been different. Some say, it felt like there were fewer tourists on the island because even in the most wanted beach clubs it was possible to get a sunbed without reservations.


Others say the type of tourists changed completely.

The party community agrees on the fact that the clubbing and party scene is changing drastically.


The subculture of music and secret DJ parties is getting smaller and smaller…The clubs are fighting to stay popular and alive, due to the tremendous amount of rules from the government-more on this in another blog post

Lazer show with konfetti and dancing people in Hi Ibiza

Party with lots of people at Ushuaia by night in Ibiza

Ibiza 2022: The longest season in history

The long closing period that occured because of the Covid pandemic also has its good sides to the story.


This year, without restrictions, a way into normality appeared on the island of Ibiza.


Slowly things turned back to normal or the new normal as many call it.

Many hotels and restaurants extended the opening period, as the season started earlier than usual this year.


In April, many beach clubs, restaurants and hotels opened instead of June. The season is longer than in any other year.


The closing parties are a little later and many hotels and restaurants are open longer, until the end of October.

Dates of Ibiza closing 2022

Upcoming events that should not be missed out:

  • 22nd of September: All day I dreamCova Santa
  • 8th of October: official Ushuaia &  Closing Party


Ibiza end of season party:

It is safe to say that the energy of the closing parties is different.

Especially the ones of residency parties.


As anyone can imagine, playing the same show at the same venue on a weekly basis for 2 or three months can get a bit tiring.

As the DJs are touring and traveling a lot during the summer, some of the shows can be a bit more energetic than others.


There is a huge shift that can be felt when the shows are coming to an end and nearer to the closing party.

DJs want to deliver their best and feel a little sad that the summer is coming to an end.

Often at closing parties, an extra song is played or a new release is beeing dropped.


Not only the DJs are highly motivated during the closing season, but also the attendees of the events.

Many are coming on a regular basis and now feel the same anxiety that hits every year before the closing.

Every moment is lived to the fullest and the excitement towards the quieter fall can be felt.

Do not miss the chance and be part of this amazing energy and experience.

Party crowd in Amnesia club in Ibiza

Hotel or villa during closing season in Ibiza?

If you prefer to spend your vacation in a quiet setting, to recover from the many parties that you will attend, my suggestion is to rent a vacation villa.


Many owners are back in their home country by now because the schools started again, so there are high chances of availability during the requested time of travel for you.

Depending on your vacation plans, the location of the accommodation is key.

If you plan on going to the beach a lot, it is not as important to have a private pool.

If you want to party in Playa den Bossa every night, an apartment directly in the city of Playa den Bossa would be the most suitable for you. This is also great to safe money of expensive taxi rides to a villa.


If you prefer to rent a car and want to enjoy Ibiza’s beautiful nature during the day, it is best to search for a rental Finca in the middle of the island, surrounded by lots of land.


Of course, we offer a large selection of villas, for every desire.


Villas in the area of Jesus are an ideal location for a short stay,  because you are able to reach the city center within a few minutes.

Clubs such as Pacha and Destino are within walking distance.

Beaches can be reached with a car and Playa den Bossa is also only about a 15-minute drive away.

Villa in Ibiza by night with large Pool

Airplane approaching Ibiza Es Vedra in the background

Is it possible to book flights to Ibiza in the fall?

Getting to Ibiza has never been so easy as in this closing season.


Many airlines extended the number of flights and dates until late October and the beginning of November.

The difficulties of getting on and off the island are no longer a criteria this year.


Luckily many hotels on the island also lengthened their opening periods.

It is still possible to book rooms on a short-term notice.

During the end of September and October, the rates usually go down, because the kids started school again.


No excuse not to book a vacation during the closing season!


Ibiza lovers:


Put your party clothes on and hit the clubs for wild and unforgettable nights.


Cold and dark winter days are near so don't waste the last days of summer on your couch watching TV!!!


Come join us on the white island for an unforgettable closing season in 2022!


You never know what the future will bring, live in the now.



-by Ariane Buechner

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