| Genre: Techno, Tech, House

| Label:  Spiinnin Records

| Home: Germany



After a few years of his black music DJ career, his interest in electronic music began to increase. After some unofficial mix sessions, editing numerous playlists or creating his own arrangements and fine tunes for potential live DJ sets, he launched his new project as Techmouse.

He also wanted to reach people in clubs, festivals and electronic events to live his passion. His sets are characterized by a high amount of melody and varied grooves and are a mix between Deep- and Techhouse. In December 2017 Techmouse released his first single '' NOTE '' on the sub label Spiinnin Records Talent Pool. He also won the DJ Contest of Penny & Parookaville & Spinnin Records, where he prevailed against 2,300 participants. 




- Oceanbeat (Ibiza /Spain)

- Parookaville (Weeze / Germany)

- Weekend (Berlin / Germany)

- Velvet  (Frankfurt / Germany)





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