Karen Rey (ES)

  • beauty therapist
  • home: Ibiza, Spain
  • make up &  facial treatments 
  • massage: ayurveda, indian, hawaiian a.m.


Eager about conscious beauty. When I was only eighteen, I participated in the Spaniskills aesthetic competition. I was the best in Spain in my speciality, which allowed me to compete for three years representing Spain in places like Dubai, Shanghai, Budapest and Lisbon. During that time, I have learned beauty techniques from different parts of the world as the delicacy and Asian wisdom, the German treatment techniques and the perfectionism of the Russian protocols. My experiences influenced me to specialize in a specific way in aesthetics, using a little bit of the essence of each country. conscious beauty 

Conscious Beauty:

In love with Ibiza island, I am encouraging myself to spend the summer season and work on private services in a personalized way by listening to the needs of each person and taking great care of everyday details. I adjust the protocol for each person according to their preferences. Facial treatments using natural cosmetics and different types of massages such as Ayurveda, Indian medicine or Lomi Lomi, a Hawaiian technique, are examples of my current level of knowledge. 

Make Up - is beauty, balance and elegance. For this reason it is very important to know the situation for which the work is carried out, from a bride to fantasy makeup.  


My experiences:

Beauty Therapist (private and personalised service)

Karma Esthetic ( personalised service in my own beauty center)

Amhara Ibiza (private and personalised service)

Deliciouslysorted Ibiza (private and personalised service)

International Champions IFEMA (Jury of Make Up)

Instituto F.P ÌES EL PLA (trainer for treatments and aparatology) 





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