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Fell Reis is the enigmatic DJ & Producer currently forging a niche in the hyper-competitive world of electronic music.Unusually, Fell has dedicated his life to music as an art rather than the pursuit of fortune and fame. His sets focus on high tempo, rare combinations that form a symbiotic relationship between dance floor & DJ. As a DJ he is well versed at orchestrating big crowds as a regular at infamous dance institutions such as Warung, D•Edge & Revolver all forming part of his annual tour to Asia, Austalia & South America. However, it is the intimate venues where you see Fell's true repertoire. A stalwart at the Kompakt Records & Mule Musiq parties across the UK, he has also held down residencies in Ibiza over the last few seasons while continuing to play at the likes of Space, Café del Mar, Privilege, The Zoo Project & Tortilla Madrid.In a scene where longevity is rare, Fell continues to push boundaries with his musical output ensuring he remains relevant while maintaining an ability to push electronic music towards new frontiers. Having already remixed the likes of Whomadewho & released on Sasha's Last Night On Earth he is well versed in creating magic away from the dance floor.



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