| Name:  Drezlo

| Genre:  Electro, Future, House

| Birth:    11.07.1993

| Home:  Switzerl. (Basel)

| Gigme:  10.06-06.09.2017




 2015 was the beginning, 2016 was sick and 2017 is already sick as fuck! Started with a gig infront of 10 people in his hometown two years ago, Drezlo is giving now his incredible energy to the audience in Berlin, Zurich, Lisbon, Porto and in many more cities. All this aside of artists like Tujamo, Sick Individuals, Kill the Buzz, Danny Avila, Glow in the Dark, Third Party and many more.

If he is playing on big events in front of thousand people like the Streetparade in Zurich, the Ruhr in Love in Oberhausen or at the championship party of the swiss football team FC Basel 1893 on the mainplace of his hometown, or playing in the best clubs in front of some hundred people: Drezlo know how to capture the crowd!


Member in the RealDJ Crew since June 2015
Reference: Thomas Furrer, Overall management RealDJ
Working with CEAmusic
Collaboration with Dallerium (track is coming)
Member of the Piiiu_Record Label since April 2016

Past performances
Privat Party - Let's Go Club, Zürich
Sprungbrätt Festival - Jugendzentrum, Basel
Glitter and Glamour Vanillaz - Vegas Club, Lucerne
Glitter and Glamour Sick Individuals - Vegas Club Lucerne
5 Years RealDJ - CH-Eventhalle, Basel
Starnite Glow in the Dark - Vegas Club, Lucerne
Piiiu_Records Label Party - Modus, Basel
Real Music Festival, Basel
Novalicious, Laufenburg
Starnite Third Party - Vegas Club, Lucerne
Ruhr in Love, Oberhausen (DE)
Ozzed Club, Delemont

Vegas Club Lucerne
Ruhr in Love Oberhausen (DE)
Sprungbrätt Festival Basel
RealDJ Basel
Nova Events Zeihen
Ozzed Club Delemont

Performed next to
Danny Avila
Sick Individuals
Kill The Buzz
Glow in the Dark
Gil Glaze
Third Party
Pat Farrell
Remady & Manu-L





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