| Name:  Donny de Soet

| Genre:  Deep, House, Chill

| Birth:    17.10.1997  

| Home:  Netherlands

| Gigme:  09.07.16




The first time when Donny de Soet heard House Music he felt the music directly in his heart. His fascination for this genre motivated him to move other people physically and emotionally. He got behind the DJ table in the summer of 2014.
At the beginning he played some private parties for friends and family, later in 2015 he discovered that his passion for this kind of music was real. At that point he was serious taking steps into the DJ scene. He specialised in the genres EDM, Future House, Deep House & Lounge music. Donny de Soet is very passionate about what he does, because of that it has never been a problem for him to entertain people.
The beginning of 2016 he already played at some great places, like the Main Hall of the Ziggo Dome, popular clubs in Amsterdam and the biggest club of his hometown Almere, Club Cell.
He has a very good relationship with the biggest DJ School of the Netherlands, DJ School Amsterdam. They gave him a lot of knowledge, skills and they learned him a lot about 'music' in his whole name.

At the age of 18 he already has a lot of experience and knows perfectly how to perform/entertain for whatever crowd he is playing for.
Except as performing as a DJ, he is also very busy with his own concept 'Soetig', related on his surname. The intention is to host club events this year with the genre Deep & Groovy House in the heart of Amsterdam.

Donny de Soet is chasing his dreams while working hard on the way!




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