| Name:  Davide Sartore 

| Genre:  Electro, Future, House,   Trance, Techno

| Birth:   20.07.1997

| Home:  Italy (Padova)

| Gigme:  17.06.-31.10.2017




 I started to listen to house music at age of 10 years old and then my passion for music grows up more and more. I love the bass line of house music and the emotions which they pass to the people while their dancing. After 4 years i bought my first console where i began to play only in my studio, but at age of 16  I started to play outside at some public and private parties, where my love for music grows even more high.


-I played at Liv (Italy) where was stayed Audien, Tigerlily, VINAI

- monthly i'm playing at "Palladio Drink 'n' Food" 
-i played at "Vinile" in Rosà, VI, Italy; at "PomPon" in Galliera, PD, Italy; 
-i did a lot of aperitifs and private parties






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