Č am

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House, Techno 


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Italian DJ and producer.

Has made a name for himself in the techno music scene

Born and raised in central Italy, he was heavily influenced by the underground techno scene in Rome.

After relocating to Milan, Č am developed a passion for mixing various techno styles, from House to Techno.

In a short period of time, he succeeded in establishing himself in the Milan techno scene and performed at well known venues such as Sanctuarv, Plav, Republic, RedKoom, Ameli Masada and Amnesia.

In 2022, Č am took his talent to the next level by performing on the international stage in Ibiza. He played at iconic clubs such as Octan, Club107, and Tantra and was featured on radio stations like Ibiza Stardus Radio.

His sets are known for their dynamic journeys, characterized by ups and downs that never get tired and always surprise, leaving the listener in a state of trance.

Experience the journey yourself.






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