Autumn in Ibiza

On the shore of natures magic,


I dreamed summer knew no end.


-Angie Weiland-Crosby-

Changing seasons in Ibiza

What no one can deny: Ibiza is getting ready for winter.


The change started during the last few weeks with the beginning of closing parties.

The days were worry-free and still feeling like the days during summer.

But suddenly, there is a different vibe that can be sensed on the island of magic.


Most of the inhabitants ask themselves the same questions-

What happened?

How can summer already be over?

Sundown on the mediterranean sea
Autum in Ibiza

empty beach in Ibiza
Autum in Ibiza

Ibiza’s never-ending summer

In the middle of July, it seemed like summer would never come to an end. High workloads and only a few hours of sleep every day, were a huge challenge for workers on the island.

Many of them desperately waited for the season to be over. Now, that the time has finally arrived, it feels surreal.


Everyone is trying to get a hold of the last warm sun rays, and spots in the Restaurants or beach clubs that will be closing soon.

The island is slowly emptying.

Of course, there are fewer tourists, but the amount of seasonal workers that have already left the island and returned to their hometowns, needs to  be considered as well.


During the week, it feels like the winter season has already started.

On the weekends, due to the high amount of closing parties, streets are filled with cars and cues in front of the clubs and taxi lanes are as long as in August.

Everyone wants to see the famous DJs one last time before the winter break starts.

Ibiza’s season of goodbyes

It is a season of change.


A change of climate, with chilly nights and a need for pajamas. 

Party outfits do not consist of short dresses anymore, but long pants.

Also, a change in people and a shift of energy can be noticed during the last few days.


A sense of excitement and sadness fills the air.

Excitement for one last party, one last swim in the ocean, or one last visit to your favorite restaurant.


The sadness of many goodbyes: Saying goodbye to newly made friendships and to a place that many got to call home over the past month.


With every ferry leaving the island in the direction of the mainland of Spain, it feels like the island can breathe again.


Ibiza is a special place on earth for so many different humans.

Ibiza during the winter months

We hope the island gets to rest and refills itself with unique energy during the winter month.


That way Ibiza will be ready to welcome all of us again next year for a fresh start in a great season of 2023!!


Don’t be sad now!


Our next blog post will introduce one of our special branded events, perfectly suited for the winter month.


If you are excited about this and cannot wait for a detailed description, check out this link to see how to spread the Ibizan vibe around the world during the cold winter months.


You name it, we've got it!!



-written by ArianeBuechner

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