Alex Rise (RO)


Minimal / Techno / Tech House









Ibiza meets Berlin




ALEX RISE produces and plays a repertoire of groovy tech house with deep sounds and subliminal minimal storytelling layers. His music composing is intelligent, and you find yourself immersed in his multi-level world of sounds.


Alex Rise is known for creating a deeply connection with his audiences, having a nature inspired spiritual side to his character. He performs his sets with quality techniques and good music, and is able to raise the intensity of the crowd with his live mixes. 

Over the past 14 years, Alex has produced a large collection of music signed to international labels including Deeperfect Records (IT), Blend It Records (FR), The Crib (RO), GT Muzike (ES), Safe Music, Singular Records, ClubShine, CDJ Records (RO), Reboot Prague (CZ), and Terminal M (GER).

Alex is proud to have been invited to play at Festivals across Europe: UNTOLD FESTIVAL (Cluj-Napoca), SNOW FEST (France), NEVERSEA (Constanta), ROCANOTHERWORLD (Iasi), DELAHOYA FESTIVAL (Cluj-Napoca), MOLDOVA FEST (Neamt), PENINSULA FELSZIGET (Cluj-Napoca). 

2022 Was one of the best years because of the IBIZA Summer Residency for Aurora and Fields of Joy, during last 6 months of pure groovy vibes.

He feels at home gigging at any type of cool crowd, venue, club, big festival, which can provide a Quality Professional Sound System!





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